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Isidore van Mens b. 1890 in Berlicum - d. 1985 in Oosterhout

A tribute to the travelling dutch artist Isidore van Mens, one of - if not - the most interesting orientalistic painters of the Lowlands.

Marocco Salé - 1927, Marché aux Sale
Marocco, Marché aux pastèques de Salé, 1927 (40x55cm)

In his early years this artist shows us beautiful work from figures in the streets, beaches, fairs and also cartoon scene drawings. Works that resembles close connections to other dutch painters, for instance Willy Sluiter (1873-1949) and Piet van der Hem (1885-1961).

In approx. 1920 Isidore van Mens began to travel around the world: North Africa (Algeria, Marocco, Tunesia), arrived in Indonesia in 1928 where he visited Java and Bali and later made his way to China and India. Between these travels he created works in Belgium, France and Spain as well.

Throughout this period he produced magnificent orientalistic paintings and most of these works are situated and dated. This really makes it possible for us to experience his journey all over again, only by following these paintings and drawings by time span. Also, Isidore van Mens' orientalistic work quite often reminds us of the beautiful work of Jacques Majorelle (Nancy 1886 - 1962 Paris).

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